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Master Bath Paint…Choosing a Color

Here is the master bathroom before the blinds were installed. Check out this fancy-dancy window treatment here. I know, you’re jealous. Try and calm down though because for about $1.99 this gorgeousness can be yours too.


Below you can see the honeycomb shade that I installed and then the process of picking a paint color begins. I’ve learned my lesson with neutrals and have resorted to buying samples of paint now. Picking the right tan/gray/beige or combination of the three is very difficult. So here are the before shots of my bathroom.

If you’re curious what color I chose you’re just going to have to wait. Is the suspense just killing you!? I know, probably not but it’s still fun for me to have a teaser moment. I have a few minor touch ups to do before I post the final product. It’s amazing what a difference paint makes. I LOVE the new color. Buh-Bye boring builder paint!