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Fall and Thanksgiving Tablescape 2014

This is my Fall/Thanksgiving tablescape this year. I actually had this same table setting out for September (changed to my Halloween one) and now it’s back so I’m posting about it.

Fall Tablescape 2014
Fall Tablescape 2014

So there is my table. Let’s talk about the details! The place mats, bronze napkin rings and matching orange and tan napkins I already had from previous years and all were purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond.The leaf place card holders were FREE! I went to a shower and they were the party favors on the table and thankfully 4 of the ladies left theirs behind so I took them home. I don’t have a full set of 6 though unfortunately but I just leave the chair by the doorwall without one and no one seems to notice. Some of them have a bit of green, yellow or orange. Here is a close up of one of them.

Place Card Holders
Place Card Holders

I know, I know. I need to actually put name cards in them lol. I’ll get around to it. One day. Eventually. Maybe….

So what’s NEW this year?? DSC_0906

These GORGEOUS real carved wood charger plates are new. They were purchased at Pier One this season and they were NOT cheap. However, I’ve been wanting some chargers like this for awhile now and these were AH-MAAZ-ING so I gave in. To save myself some money I only bought 4 of them and opted to do the captains chairs a little different. I also think it’s just fun to change up the captain’s chairs in any case, regardless of cost. The embossed, distressed cream plates are also from Pier One this season. I think they were $9 or $10 a piece and they’re actually on sale now. Figures. I’ve been scouring home discount stores for awhile looking for a cream, textured plate and haven’t found anything so I bought them here. I bought 6 dinner plates (rather than a whole set). I keep wondering if I should go back and get the salad plates though….Decisions, Decisions.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the green wine glasses were a wedding present (from Bed Bath & Beyond) off my registry.


These woven grass place mats I bought awhile ago from Marshall’s Home Goods and I needed something here so I thought these would do. You may l notice I doubled up on my napkins this year. I bought 6 of these mustard yellow printed leaf patterned napkins from Pier One on clearance for a dollar a piece. NICE! I’ve actually never purchased anything at Pier One before this fall’s little shopping bender. I didn’t realize they had such good clearance items. I bought some other items on clearance as well that you may see at some point and I think I will have to go in there more often. DSC_0903

The centerpiece I already had and I made it with flowers from Michael’s, moss, string and the wood box I bought at TJ Maxx.

Then I have this on my kitchen counter. I love my owl cookie jar 🙂DSC_0910

What stores have a sneaky clearance section that you love to find goodies at??


Some Mulch and Mums :)

I’ve been dying to get out to Eastern Market (in Detroit) this year but my hubby has had alot going on lately and we haven’t been able to go. Unfortunately they’re only open on Saturday mornings. Basically it’s an open air market where lots of vendors from all around Michigan come and sell homemade foods, locally grown produce/plants and flowers, as well as organic meats and seafoods etc. Anyway, I always get amazing deals on Mums there and despite living surrounded by TONS of farms it’s still much cheaper to buy them there. Not only are they cheap but they’re HUUUUUGE for their price. Last year I paid $5 for a mum plant I would have paid over $20 for anywhere else near my home.

So, since hubby hasn’t been able to go with me (and I’m not driving to Detroit by myself) I had to get my fix at Home Depot. Their mulch was on sale 4 for $10 which I needed to fill in this area next to my patio that we turned into a flower bed this summer. It used to just be grass and up until this weekend it’s been a weed farm since there was no mulch down. I bought my mulch and while I was there they, of course, had mums available. None were as large or as pretty as the ones I’ve seen at Eastern Market in years past but I saw two colors that caught my eye and they were $3 a piece. Granted they’re really small plants but whatever. Mums are perennials and my hope is that for my $6 investment they will grow back huge next year. Mums die down to the ground and grow back up from nothing every year so it doesn’t really matter what size plants I put in. They’ve got the same shot of getting just as big next fall as any other size. Therefore, I’d rather buy a few different varieties and save the money.

Sorry I didn’t take before pictures. I got excited and got to work as soon as I got home from the store. I also bought a lily I thought was a pretty color and you’ll see it in the pictures. All of the other plants you will see below were planted earlier this summer.

The Lily I bought at Home Depot
The Lily I bought at Home Depot
Pretty pink and orange mum plant from Home Depot
Pretty two-tone mum plant from Home Depot
Another Pretty yellow and purple mum plant from Home Depot
Another Pretty Two-Tone mum plant from Home Depot

All three plants remind me of sherbert. They have those pastel mix-y (that’s a word right?) colors. I would still like to add a few more mums and maybe I can get out there this coming Saturday. Here’s the garden area as a whole.

New Garden Bed
New Garden Bed
New Garden Bed
New Garden Bed

If you’re wondering what else is planted in this space I’ve got two pink Phlox plants and two Catmint plants (that supposedly ward off mosquitoes). I have two pepper plants in between the stepping stones that I just put there because they weren’t doing well in pots. I have one purple Alstromeria plant and one peach Alstromeria that seem to by thriving, yayy! There are two orange Asiatic lilies that have lost their blooms already. If you look really closely you’ll see three scraggly Penstemon plants that I just transplanted to this area because they weren’t doing well in the clay soil the rest of my backyard has. They’re the ones that look like weeds lol. We removed as much of the clay we could in this area and put in fresh top soil and peat moss so MAYBE we’ll have some success with plants LIVING in this area. (Here’s hoping!)

What was your Labor Day weekend project?