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A Little Organization and Decluttering…

I finally got around to really cleaning out the room that will eventually be a nursery. Since we’ve moved in it’s mostly been a storage area for my husband’s things. All of his signed sports memorabilia, guitars, amplifier, pedals, jerseys etc etc. I also had some of my things in there as well. I didn’t take any before or after pictures of that space but we hung alot of his things on the walls in our basement and what was left over either went in the basement or fit into the closet in that room. So there’s only like 2 plastic storage bins of clothes in that room now and some things we got for Luca.

On to the next two rooms (which I do have pictures of). They’re still in progress so I haven’t taken after photos but I wanted to show you where it was before I started. I’ve been building my scrapbook room desk and painting in there so all of my scrapbook room things have been piled up in the guest bedroom. Not only that but I also have all of my gift wrapping supplies in the guest room and some old clothes, purses, my veil from my wedding etc. etc. Basically tons of random stuff that I didn’t know what to do with so it got thrown in there. This is seriously embarrassing to show and my sister in laws who are clean freaks would divorce me if they lived here haha.

So, the silver storage rack was moved into my scrapbook room and all of my scrapbook room things have been moved into that room. I had my old Christmas ornaments and decor from the condo (and my old Christmas color scheme) in here so that all went to the basement. The doggy Santa costumes went to the basement with all of the other doggy costumes. I went through TONS of old memorabilia of mine (old wristbands from events, letters, etc) and threw alot of it away. I’m still working on it but imagine this room with the bed completely cleared and all of the floor space cleared off. The only things left in there are in the closet which I have yet to go through. Yayy!! I’ll probably post pictures of that soon.

Here are the most recent pictures I have taken of the scraproom. It’s actually much further along than these pictures depict but you haven’t seen this stage yet. Here it shows that I have all of the cabinets in place, the support structure built, and the desk top added. I just recently finished painting it but the top looks a little streaky. My friend Rochelle just told me about some self leveling paint that supposedly eliminates the roller marks so I may decide to repaint the desktop just to make it look a little cleaner on the top. For now I’m working on organizing my things in this space. I’ve already filled all of the drawers and set up my computer and printer. I’m trying to figure out how I want to place things. Ideally, most of the desktop will remain clear so I have as much work space as possible. I need to buy some shelves and the gold picture of my grandmother on the floor in my guest room is going to be hung on the wall somewhere in my scrapbook room. So anyway, still lots to do. I also need to buy a wireless router so I can get internet in there.

Scraproom In Progress
Scraproom In Progress

DSC_0866 DSC_0867 DSC_0865

I will do some more organizing in here and then take pictures of where I’m at present day.


Cleaning and Organizing the Garage!

Ugh, let me start by saying my lower back and feet are on FIRE and I’m soooo tired from cleaning and organizing my garage. I’m still not satisfied with it’s current state but I don’t have the money to buy any of the hooks and shelving I need to get alot of the clutter off of the floor at the moment and even if I did I’m just about out of energy.

I forgot to take a before picture before putting up my first metal rack and the shovel holder on the wall so these pictures aren’t really a TRUE reflection of how bad the garage had gotten before this summer. I was seriously so excited to get all of my shovels and brooms hung up so they weren’t leaning against all of the walls. That alone made a huge difference. The metal rack is from Costco and I think was about $80. They’re expensive but I like that they’re on wheels and I can move them to clean and I can take them with me if we decide to move. They’re also super sturdy and hold alot of weight. I can stand on the shelves without worrying they’re bend or break which is nice.

I spent alot of my time clearing cobwebs, getting rid of spiders (and LOTS of their eggs *ewwww*) sweeping, hosing things down, hanging them on my new pegboard I just installed and putting things in the little white drawer unit (that was previously empty and covered in dirt) next to my metal shelving unit. I also threw a bunch of things out and consolidated things so that I was able to get rid of about 4 empty cardboard boxes when I was done. I do still have some unused space on my metal rack so I may move some things around to maximize the storage capacity but I’ll leave that for another day. I was able to move the BBQ back by the wall and toward door opening so it will be really easy to get in and out to grill. If you hover the mouse over each picture it will tell you if it was a before or after shot and as always you can click to view anything larger.

Here’s a group of befores of the third bay area of the garage.

The area that I think is the biggest difference.

After Cleaning
After Cleaning
After Cleaning
After Cleaning
Disregard the green storage boxes–those are moving to the basement and the cardboard box next to that I need to go through. It has a bunch of things from my childhood that I need to go through and didn’t feel like dealing with today lol.

In the VERY near future I plan to buy at least one (maybe 2) new metal racks. I want to put it right next to the one that’s already there so all of the stuff currently on the floor in the picture will be put up on shelves (all of our empty cans that need to be taken back to the store etc.). I need to buy hooks to hang our cornhole game boards, our fertilizer spreader and the step ladder up on the wall. The two lawn bags are garbage and will be thrown out on Thursday. But anyway….at least we can walk in the third bay of our garage right now and go in and out of that garage door with the bikes rather than trying to get them out between the cars because the third bay was too cluttered to exit out of.