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Master Bath Paint…Choosing a Color

Here is the master bathroom before the blinds were installed. Check out this fancy-dancy window treatment here. I know, you’re jealous. Try and calm down though because for about $1.99 this gorgeousness can be yours too.


Below you can see the honeycomb shade that I installed and then the process of picking a paint color begins. I’ve learned my lesson with neutrals and have resorted to buying samples of paint now. Picking the right tan/gray/beige or combination of the three is very difficult. So here are the before shots of my bathroom.

If you’re curious what color I chose you’re just going to have to wait. Is the suspense just killing you!? I know, probably not but it’s still fun for me to have a teaser moment. I have a few minor touch ups to do before I post the final product. It’s amazing what a difference paint makes. I LOVE the new color. Buh-Bye boring builder paint!


Bath tub project!

Bath tub project!

For 2 years we haven’t been able to take a bath in a BRAND NEW tub because our builder tiled in the controls to adjust the hot water temperature. Our tub is huge and by the time the water was about 6 inches deep it would be just slightly hotter than luke warm.

I attempted to take a bath only twice and froze both times. The baths each lasted about 5 minutes until I couldn’t take it and wanted to warm up lol.

Well, in the process of finishing our basement we met a really nice guy named Jerry. He is putting up our molding for us and doing a few other projects in the basement. He is sort of a jack of all trades and we mentioned to him our tub situation and while we were at work today he came over, popped off 4 tiles (they’re completely in tact), cut open the green board and adjusted the hot water for us!! He just has to get the grout to put the tiles back on but we can finally use our tub now!!!! I’m so excited I can’t even stand it.

The best part is that Jerry lives only about a mile or so down the road from us. Trust me when I tell you that it really pays to know a good handy man or contractor. My husband and I have dealt with some real boneheads and Jerry is always on time, answers his phone and delivers what he promises. I really appreciate his professionalism.

I think tomorrow will be a bath and glass bottle of wine night.


$60 Half Bath Update

I went to Menard’s with my husband the other day and picked up a new towel bar, toilet roll holder and toilet lever. I’m proud to say I installed every piece by myself. I forgot to take a picture of the towel bar before but it was the cheapest builder grade one you can buy.

Here are the befores…

And here are the afters…

They’re all oil rubbed bronze by Moen, everything is the style “Sage” other than the toilet lever which is “Kingston”. They didn’t have the full Kingston collection or the full Sage collection so that’s why I got a different toilet lever. But everything was really easy to install and looks SO much better than the cheap silver.

I think I’m just going to buy some oil rubbed bronze spray paint and paint the cabinet pulls and the door stopper to save money. But I’d still like to replace the silver faucet and door knob but those will be much more of an expense. I want to replace all of the door knobs at once anyway so my house doesn’t look silly lol. If you’re wondering why none of the walls in my house are painted it’s because I haven’t decided what colors I want where. Plus painting after you’ve made your marks/holes on the wall from installing new finishes is better anyway, rather than messing up a pretty paint job doing it after the fact.