Coffered Ceiling Install

Our house has undergone quite a bit of change since we purchased it in 2012. Just recently we did a major update to our living room ceiling. This is what it looked like originally…

LivingRoomYou’ll have to forgive the photo quality. The only picture I have was taken with my cell phone. So as you can see it’s just pretty Plain Jane.

We hired a contactor, as we’ve done with numerous projects around our house, and I have to say he was THE best one yet. He, with the help of one other man, measured, cut and installed a complete coffered ceiling and put crown molding up in our entire kitchen all in one day. The guys worked from 8:30am until 6pm until the job was done. We had one piece of molding slip in the kitchen and when I called him he came back out within 20 minutes and fixed it. Now THAT is how contractors should always work. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Here are some in progress shots

This is how our living room looks today.




I’m absolutely in LOVE with this ceiling. It makes such a huge difference. Originally, my husband and I didn’t even consider any homes that didn’t have a two story living room because we liked how spacious and grand they felt but I have to say that since we have had the coffered ceiling put in it has added so much grandeur and character to our home. We recently had a realtor walk through our house to tell us what he thought we could list it for and he said he’s only seen another ceiling similar in one other house that he has listed. We have walked through some new construction houses where builders have installed coffered ceilings but they used drywall and put up some whimpy molding inside of the drywall boxes. Let me tell you it does NOT have the same affect whatsoever. For those interested we have 9 foot tall ceilings in our living room and the molding inside of the boxes is 7 inches thick.

The molding is painted “Mystique” by Valspar.

The inside of the ceiling squares is “Sandy Clay” by Behr.

The wall color is “Toll Booth” by Valspar.


Item details:

Pottery Barn: Floor Lamp, Floral Pillow Cases and Inserts, Urn by Fireplace

Arhaus: Crank Table

Art Van: Couch and Ottoman

Home Goods: Tan decorative pillows, Basket Tray, Mirror

We are about to have more of an update though because on Saturday we have having new furniture being delivered. I’m so excited to get rid of this green couch and ottoman!! So stay tuned!!


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