Long Time, No Updates…

You may be wondering where I’ve been since November of 2014. Well, let me tell you ALOT has happened in that time. I found out I was pregnant with my  daughter in December of 2014 and had a difficult pregnancy. I was very tired and nauseous and just didn’t have the energy or desire to update on any of my projects. I got a job at a knitting store (for fun) and worked at Pottery Barn Kids (for the discount) for a bit and then our little Ivy Grace joined us in August 2015. I am a stay at home wife/mother at the moment. I do feel ready to get back to work but Ivy refuses to take a bottle so I’m reluctant to leave her for any period of time because I know she’s hungry and doesn’t understand the concept of a bottle lol. Being a new mom has been quite the journey and I still question myself every day. Thank God for google. I don’t know what people did before the internet with newborns.

She is 4.5 months old now and an absolute joy! I couldn’t be more in love. She is smiling like crazy and starting to laugh more.  She is ticklish which is super cute. She spits up so I will wipe under her neck with a wet wipe and she makes the funniest little chuckle when I do it; it’s hysterical. She loves TV, phones, ceiling fans, light fixtures….she’s getting grabby too and keeps trying to take my phone (or just touch the screen which deletes what I’m doing or moves me to a completely different location–super fun. She has found her feet and loves to hang onto her ankles while I’m trying to change her. She thinks her feet are very interesting. She is loving her bouncer activity table and chats a lot.  Oh and tonight she sat up on her own–unsupported!!

Now, I’m feeling much more settled and interested in getting back in the swing of things; including blogging. So….what’s new?

The nursery is almost complete with the exception of some wall décor. I can’t decide what I want which is the problem. I’m debating between printing a giant picture from her newborn photo session or making a wood sign with a quote or lyrics on it that are meaningful to me. As soon as I get around to ironing her curtains (which I already hung because the directions said they would fall out on their own—they didn’t) I will post pictures of it. It’s probably my favorite room in my house actually. It turned out super cute so I’m excited to share it.

Our basement is totally finished (other than the playroom). It has actually become my husband’s music room because he recently purchased a drum set and started playing down there.

My guest room has improved leaps and bounds from the storage facility it used to be. It actually looks like a bedroom now and has plush, cozy bedding. I’m still working on adding a few pieces but it’s a big improvement.

The scrapbook room desk is completed. The room is a disaster with Christmas and my projects I have all over in there but I will get it cleaned up and take some pictures.

Our bedroom is currently under construction with a new bed frame coming on Wednesday and bench. I still have to pick a paint color and probably buy new curtains and all new bedding. It’s hard to get out of the house with a baby who can only stay awake for 1-2 hours before she’s cranky and who refuses to nap on the go. She just likes to scream which is fun. OH BOY!

The master bathroom is currently being painted. My husband is trying to convince me to take the builder mirror down and put stone up. I’m trying to convince him porous stone isn’t a great idea where toothpaste and things can splash and not be wiped…and I can’t decide if I want to stick with silver tones or switch to oil rubbed bronze in there. My gut wants bronze because it would look best with our tile but all of our door handles in the house are brushed nickel and I don’t plan to change them.

Our living room received a MAJOR update with the addition of a coffered ceiling which came out GORGEOUS!!! Still haven’t gotten any new furniture for it but Miss Ivy Grace likes to spit up constantly so that’s probably a good thing.

The kitchen received crown molding. I also put up valances on the windows…I can’t remember if I blogged about that or not but I’ll post pictures of it’s current state.

Last but not least. The backyard got some new rose bushes. A lot of our plants didn’t survive the last winter 😦 that’s always sad. Our weather has been super crazy this year and my mums started growing in December thinking it was spring.  Pictures to come!!



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