Halloween Tablescape 2014

This was my first year decorating for Halloween so I wanted it to look festive but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money. Everything you will see on this table was either bought at the dollar store or was something I already had on hand.

Halloween Tablescape 2014
Halloween Tablescape 2014

Let’s talk about the details… To start, the white base tablecloth I already had. I bought three of them online for a 4th of July party we had one year for $10 each. I’ve gotten TONS of use out of them for parties. The black tablecloth on top of it I bought at Michael’s last year for one penny on clearance after the season.

Place Setting
Halloween Place Setting

The silver charger is just plastic and can be purchased at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby very inexpensively. I think you can get them on sale for only 50 cents to a dollar a piece. I however got these for free from my Aunt Jan’s house. The matte black square plate on top of that was a wedding gift off my registry from my mom and they were purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. These were also super inexpensive and I believe they were only a few dollars a piece. The small black and white floral plate is actually china from my wedding registry as well (also from my mother). I already have my grandmother’s delicate and decorative china so I didn’t want to register for more of that. Instead, I opted to choose bone china as it’s more durable than ceramic or stoneware dishes (or so I was told) BUT this is everyday china that can be put in the dishwasher– A MUST!!! This pattern is made by Lenox and is called Moonlit Garden. GORGEOUS. I love my dishes.

The glitter skulls are from The Dollar Store and there is a switch on the bottom to make the eyes light up. The color changes in them to basically every color and they kind of flash like a strobe light. I didn’t have to purchase batteries either so that was a bonus.

DIY Candlestick Holders
DIY Candlestick Holders

The red candles are from The Dollar Store and came in sets of 2. I had always envisioned using clear wine bottles to hold the candles and my original plan was to line the entire table length with them. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to consume enough wine to do that. Five bottles was all I could manage. I know right? I should have tried a little harder. Oh well, I’m going to save them for next year. I thought the candle wax would drip down the sides and make it look like blood but they didn’t drip at all. That must be some newfangled technology-no drip candles. Ugh, first world problems.

The roses used to be alive and were a gorgeous deep red color. You’re going to have to use your imagination there because I don’t have a picture of them alive. I thought about throwing them out but then thought the dead flowers was sort of Halloweenish so I left them lol.

Spider Web Placemats as Table Runner
Spider Web Place Mats as Table Runner

I got these spider web place mats for free from my Aunt Jan. At least I think they’re place mats? They weren’t large enough to use under the silver chargers and still be seen so I thought I would just layer them up and make a table runner out of them. But I also thought about hanging them on the wall in a big collage. I also bought 6 rats from The Dollar store. Three of them are standing and three are on all four legs. I just positioned them between the 6 table settings.

Spider Webs on the Chandelier
Spider Webs on the Chandelier

Finally, I added spider webs to the chandelier (purchased from The Dollar Store). That completes my Halloween tablescape for 2014!! In the future I want to find deep red cut glass goblets (preferably vintage) to add. I’ve seen them before but had no use for them so now I will have to be on the lookout for them when I go antiquing. I also would like to add some napkins and napkin rings so I will be on the lookout for those. Now that the season is over I may be able to find some cheap ones on clearance. TIME TO SHOP!!! I also think my chairs would look really good with black satin chair covers. I know they sell some at Bed Bath and Beyond so that’s something to consider.


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