Some New Accessories…Home Goods

So, a few weeks ago I was headed out to buy my niece (best friend’s baby girl) a present for her first birthday party. I talked to my friend, Lisa who just happened to be in my neck of the woods going to Marshall’s Home Goods. Lisa lives about 45 minutes from me so Home Goods is about the halfway point for us and honestly I never really need an excuse to go to my fav store. So–I ditched my mall plans for Home Goods and walked out of there spending $80. Yep, that’s right. I spent $80 at a store I wasn’t even planning on going to and really had no good reason to be in there. Eh, such is life.

But while I was in there I actually ended up getting a few things I’ve been wanting for awhile. Number one is a cork board for my “command center.” I’ve decided that my entry off the garage is going to be a spot that I can collect my coupons, papers, invitations, mail, keys, calendar etc. This way I can keep my kitchen counters clear of all that garbage and have it all corralled in one place. I think this was about $17 and the black frame matched my other black accessories I already have in that space.

New Cork Board from Home Goods
New Cork Board from Home Goods
I’ve been debating on whether or not I’m going to keep that mail holder. I rarely put mail inside of there BUT I LOVE the little hooks at the bottom and use them to hold my keys. I may make some adjustments…we shall see.

Eventually, I may put some type of a shelf under the cork board to throw my purse or bags from small shopping trips on. Or I have also considered putting hooks under there for little people coats/backpacks (when we have kids). Do you have any ideas?? I’m all ears!

My next purchase was this cute little dish.

Ceramic Dish from Home Goods with Adorable Bird
Ceramic Dish from Home Goods with Adorable Bird
I found this little guy in the dish section of the store and I don’t really know what its intended purpose is. Maybe you put dish sponges on it, or maybe you could use it in the bathroom or on a dresser to put your jewelry on. I bought it because I’ve been looking for a cute resting station for my tea bags. I’m a SERIOUS tea drinker with at least a 10 glass a day habit lol. Up until now I’ve been using a 6 inch plate to rest my tea bags on because I didn’t want to just buy something just for the sake of having it. I wanted something I wouldn’t mind having sitting out on my counter 24/7. Plus birds remind me of my grandmother which gives me a little bit of happiness when I pass by. To make it better I think it was only $5. Not bad.

My next purchase was even more practical. I’m 5’2, #shortpeopleproblems. I frequently have to get to the top shelves of my spice cabinet and I can’t reach. So when I need to get into it I have to walk over to the kitchen table on the other side of the kitchen, drag a heavy wooden chair over to the stove, get what I need, leave the chair by the stove so when I’m done I can put the spices back and then drag the chair back over to the table. ANNOYING!!! So, I bought this!

Folding Step Stool, $10 from Home Goods
Folding Step Stool, $10 from Home Goods
It’s only $10 and folds up really thin. I’m able to store it right under my kitchen sink so I can quickly access it next to my spice cabinet.
My folding stool Stored under the Kitchen Sink
My folding stool Stored under the Kitchen Sink

If you’re wondering why I have a soda box under the kitchen sink I keep it there so that when a can is empty and cleaned I can stick it back in the box to return to the store. I don’t like putting cans in bags because if there’s any residue you end up sticking your hand in a disgusting, sticky garbage bag (yuck). I guess I should have mentioned I’m in Michigan so we get 10 cents per can for returning them to the store.

Anyway, I love my cute little FUNCTIONAL accessories. What little things have you bought that have made a big difference in your life?


One thought on “Some New Accessories…Home Goods”

  1. I have a step stool like that for the kitchen,don’t laugh , I also have one to get in and out of the bath .(I’m only 5ft) they are very useful and come in lots of colours ,loved the little bird .tricia

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