A New Paint Color for the Kitchen…Decisions…Decisions…

I’ve been mulling over paint swatches for my kitchen for quite some time and after my living room paint debacle I’ve decided swatches aren’t good enough lol. Since I only plan to paint my kitchen ONCE and I intend to like the color the first time, I invested in some sample sizes of a few of the paints I was considering.

Testing Paint Colors for my Kitchen
Testing Paint Colors for my Kitchen

The color on the very bottom was a sample I already had on hand from testing my living room (after I hated the color the first time). I painted that on the wall first wondering if I would like that color and then not have to buy any more samples. I think it was called “Lindhurst Tan.” It read slightly purple to me in my kitchen so I had to go buy more samples at Lowes. Thankfully, I had a gift card from a return I made so they didn’t cost me any additional money which was nice.

The color second from the bottom is called “Windmill” and in this space it reads a bit yellow–probably because of the cherry finish on my cabinetry. BUTTTTT I tested it in my master bathroom and I actually really like it for that space. Just above that sample is “Eiffel Tower.” I originally wanted to paint the kitchen a grayish blue color and I thought this was going to be the color I ended up choosing. However, after seeing all of the samples on the wall I thought it was a bit too cold of a color to stand up to my cherry cabinetry. So that leaves the winning sample on the very top. It’s called “Oyster Shell.”

I never had plans to paint the kitchen this color. Oyster Shell was a color I was considering (along with Windmill) in my master bathroom. However, in my master bathroom it looks REALLY gray which is so funny because it looks green/brown in my kitchen. And while Windmill looks too yellow in my kitchen, in my bathroom it looks like the perfect shade of brown.

What I was going for in my kitchen was something that looked homey and warm but had a little bit of color to it. I didn’t want it to look tan or taupe but I still wanted it to be very neutral. I often change my table linens and flowers and seasonal decor so I didn’t want a color that would clash when I decided to change things up. So this is just slightly green/gray which I thought was the perfect amount of color. I also didn’t want anything that would accentuate the red of my cherry cabinets. I actually DON’T like cherry cabinets (even though I know there are many people that love them). I thought choosing something with blue undertones really made the red in my cabinets stand out. I also chose colors that are pretty dark for most people’s comfort zones. Anyone who sees swatches I pick for paint allllways questions me with how dark I’m going but then after it’s painted they love it. Trust me, you can go darker than you think most of the time.

I’ve never had to buy samples before but when picking colors in the tan/taupe/neutral type of families I think it’s sort of necessary. What you think looks tan in one room looks green in another or gray or yellow or blue or pink. So save yourself some time and money and buy samples. They’re about $3 a piece and you actually get a good amount of paint that you can save to test out in other rooms or use on other projects.

I bought my paint today and plan to get the kitchen done sometime this week. I’m dreading taking down the wall hanging I just put up over my pantry. That thing was SOOO hard to hang and I really don’t want to do it again. It has holes cut in the back of it and it’s super heavy so when you get one hole around a screw and hooked in the other falls out. It’s really annoying. OHHH, the joys lol.

I’ll post pics as soon as I’m done painting 🙂

Do you think I picked the right color based on the samples?? What color is your kitchen??



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