Miles and Miles of Garage Sales!

This past weekend there was a garage sale that I believe started in Port Huron, Michigan and went all the way up to Port Austin along the water’s edge. My In-Laws bought a lake house in Lexington this year with a beautiful view of Lake Huron in the backyard. Being that Lexington was right in the middle of this sale–it was a good opportunity for me to check it out for the first time and then just stay the night at the house. Plus my husband was already at the lake house helping watch our nephews because my brother in law and his wife were in Vegas celebrating their wedding anniversary.

I knew about the sale for a few months thanks to my Mother-in-Law and I was actually really excited about it. I had all of these grand ideas that I would find tons of beautiful furniture pieces at ridiculously low prices. I specifically was looking for a dresser with a nice shape and antique gold hardware that I could paint black for my entry off of the garage. I could use the extra storage for gloves/scarves and I also want to put a “command center” in that space with a corkboard and calendar. The top drawer could house pens and paper and things so I could get them out of my kitchen drawer. I want to be able to come in off the garage and drop my purse, keys, and mail there so that none of those items end up sitting on my kitchen counter top. If you know me, you know that I HATEEEEEEEE clutter sitting on my counters.

This is the lake house.

The Lake House in Lexington, MI my In-Laws Own
The Lake House in Lexington, MI my In-Laws Own
Sorry I didn’t take more pictures for you but this will have to do 🙂 My husband and I are lucky enough to have our own bedroom (that we share with his Nonna) when we stay there and the view is spectacular.

I was supposed to go garage sale-ing with a friend of mine but she bailed at the last minute so I drove up there by myself and met up with my husband who graciously kept me company as we drove through a view cities worth of sales and were out there for hours and hours and get this…I didn’t buy ONE thing!!! UGH!! I was hunting furniture and there was NO FURNITURE!! Do you believe that? Miles and miles of sales and no good furniture? I was super disappointed. There were some good knick-knack types of things but I’ve got more than enough of that and nothing to set it on so I didn’t buy anything. But I took some pictures of things we saw along the way.
DSC_0742 This first picture was taken at a friend of the family’s cottage. They refurb furniture and make new things out of old things. They are very talented and if I had a need for any of the specific pieces they were selling I definitely would have bought them. They had a beautiful kitchen island that was custom made too.DSC_0743 This second picture I took because the antique sleds in the right corner caught my eye. I’ve been wanting one to desplay for my Christmas decor but these were a little pricier than ones I’ve seen in other places and I don’t really have the disposable income for Christmas items right now. I really just need to focus on furniture.

DSC_0747 These people had a barn next to their home that was FILLED with things. They actually had alot of beautiful items…pretty china and they had awesome gold and crystal lamps and there was one piece that especially caught my eye but I didn’t have a place for it. It was a decorative antique scale that was crystal and gold. It resembled the scales of justice that you see in law books and things. The lady was willing to sell it to me for just $25 too and I told her no because I literally have no place to put it in my house. It is a shame too because it was gorgeous.

Hubby made me stop along the route at this nice man’s house who had a bunch of old cars for sale. He used to have a Trans Am but sold it and has been jonesin to get a “new” old car. I have no real interest in buying a car–but I was particularly fond of this man’s wrap around front porch. I would LOOOOVE to have a beautiful wrap around porch one day.DSC_0745DSC_0746DSC_0744

I think we were in Port Sanilac when we found a cool little spot that had the old town general store moved onto to the property as well as a bunch of the old post office items. They also had this barn area that was set up for live performances.
DSC_0748 They do plays in there every so often which I think is super fun. Outside of the area they had more sales set up and an Amish woman selling homemade jam. It was cute.

Most of the things people were selling were “junk” to me. Lots of clothing and small items for the most part.

It was fun to get out and have something different to do despite not finding any treasures for myself and I had some quality time with my man which is always good. Maybe I’ll have some better luck next year. *Here’s hoping* 🙂


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