Working on the Scraproom Desk

So, like an idiot I decided to build my own scrapbook room desk. I originally wanted custom cabinetry installed into our 4th bedroom but my husband convinced me not to because it could devalue our house when we want to sell as it would essentially take away a bedroom space. Also, the custom cabinetry with laminate counters would have cost around $3000 installed and my DIY version will probably be around $500 for all of the supplies (maybe even a little less). However, I say that I’m an idiot because it’s now our third summer in this house and the room has gone UNUSED because I haven’t gotten around to it until now.

My dad came over and helped me work on it the other day and it took about 8 hours of time because we didn’t have the proper tools (saws that WORKED) lol. None of our saws were working so we had to use a hand saw for every cut which was especially hard when trying to miter. Here are some progress pictures. I need to buy another piece of MDF for the rest of the L before we continue but after that all that’s left is sanding, painting and finding cute knobs for the drawers before I can move all of my crafty things into this room!!

Adding some Supports
Adding some Supports
My Dad Helping Me :)
My Dad Helping Me 🙂
Almost There! Starting to Look like an L-Desk
Almost There! Starting to Look like an L-Desk
Almost Done! Starting to look like an L-Desk
Almost Done! Starting to look like an L-Desk

In case you’re wondering the dining table is NOT staying in the room. My husband was gone last weekend and is going to be gone again this weekend so I haven’t had him to help me get it down to the basement. I plan to cover the supports and backside of the L-desk with fabric to pretty it up. Originally I thought I might install bead board but I think fabric might work better so that I can put plastic storage bins under the counter and still access it from the back side. We’ll see when I get to that point what I do but I think I’m leaning toward a fabric skirting. Anyway….it’s sooo close to being finished now that I’m getting really excited!! What do you think?!


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