New Living Room Paint Color!!!

It has now become a priority for me to get some of the rooms in this house PAINTED!! Not only because all of the walls in our house are the same color, but also because it’s a bit bland and it’s crappy builder’s paint that can’t be washed. We do have some marks on the walls from moving in furniture and it’s just time. I’m also gradually changing all of the trim in our house from white to cream/off-white. The trim the builder put in is absolutely stark white (no warmth at all). It also needed to be painted because it had marks from the nail gun and I think it was the pre-finished moulding that just comes already white so it was a little dinged up.

I decided I wanted to start with the living room because the ceilings are low enough for me to handle without purchasing a ladder (yes, we don’t own a ladder yet lol). It’s also the room we spend most of our time in.

First step was moving the couch so I could get to the walls and can I just say, “ewwwwww.” It was dusty and I found some missing dog bones and whatnot. Marshmallow certainly had a good time investigating the debris though. DSC_0712DSC_0711DSC_0713

I had paint swatches taped to the wall for a few months before deciding on “River Bed Brown.” It’s a paint from Menard’s. It was a beaufitul color on it’s own but after I completely painted the entire living room and wasted a whole can of 30-some-dollar paint I decided the shade was exactly what I wanted…however it looked like it had a purple tint to me. My couch is olive green, the pictures on my walls have greens and yellows and oranges, the olive vase in front of my fireplace….everything seemed to clash with the pinky/purple tint in the paint. Here it is with some of the original paint color and River Bed Brown.

First Paint Color. River Bed Brown.
First Paint Color. River Bed Brown.

I lived with the room being this color for about 24 hours before deciding I just couldn’t take the pink tint and set out to find the exact same shade but something that didn’t have any pink/purple tint and that would go with grays as well as browns. It couldn’t have too much warmth (yellows) because it wouldn’t look good with my gray accessories, but I wanted it to read overall as “brown” by anyone who looked at the paint. You’d be amazed at how many different browns there are that all have the pink or yellow warmth to them. Something I also considered (and you can call me crazy) but I also chose the paint color knowing that my Christmas decorations are chocolate brown, cream, gold and olive green. I want my decor to look beautiful with every season so I didn’t want to pick anything that would clash with my existing decorations. I went to Lowe’s and took my original swatch of River Bed Brown and found three new colors that looked almost exactly the same but that had just a different undertone to them. I took the samples home and painted them each on different walls of the living room so I could see the way the colors looked with the lights hitting them differently. Eiffle Tower looked like it had a blue tint, Lyndhurst Tan had a pink tint (slightly less pink that River Bed Brown) and Toll Booth looked like it had a gray cast. Toll Booth it is!!!

Here you can see the difference between the River Bed Brown and the Toll Booth with is on the left side surrounding the window moulding. I used Valspar brand paint in a Satin finish for this room. I chose Satin because I wanted a pearlescent finish and I wanted it to be as washable as possible because it’s such a high traffic area (not to mention we plan on having children soon so durability was important.)

The Difference between Toll Booth and River Bed Brown
The Difference between Toll Booth and River Bed Brown
I think here you can really see how the original color had a bit of a rosey undertone compared to the new color.

You may or may not be able to tell there was a change in the trim color. It’s difficult to see the way the room photographs but it’s so much warmer and homier in here. I’m seriously IN LOVE with this new paint color. I know alot of people are afraid to choose dark paint colors but DON’T BE!! They add such richness to a room. Everything pictured was already in the room (although you may notice a silver tray on the mantle that wasn’t there before. I recently inherited that from my Aunt Jan who is no longer with us, but little things like that around my house make me think of her. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it there or if it makes my mantle look cluttered but I’m going to live with it for awhile and see how it fits. Anyway, here are the before and afters.

With my original paint mistake, the new paint and supplies it cost around $90 to update the paint color and trim color. I think it was well worth it. What do you think?


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