Some Front Yard Perennial Additions!!

After the landscapers were done doing their thing in the front yard I couldn’t wait to put in some COLOR!!! Now, keep in mind I will continue to add more plants so this is just the beginning but I’m really excited about what I’ve done so far and like it alot.

New Perennials
New Perennials
I went to Weigand’s Nursery near my house and they actually didn’t have much in bloom that caught my eye. I only found what you see pictured and some pretty orange lilies that I planted in the back yard.

Here are some close ups of what I bought.

Dark Purple Astilbe
Dark Purple Astilbe
This is Astilbe and it’s a beautiful dark purple color. I’ve never planted astilbe before and my mom never had it in her garden but I love the fluffy plumes and thought they were interesting and different. These ones stay on the shorter side so I put them in front of the boxwoods.

I also bought another variety of Astilbe and this variety gets about twice the size of the dark purple. It doesn’t quite show in the pictures but it’s a pretty lilac color.

Light Lilac Colored Astilbe
Light Lilac Colored Astilbe
I thought it was perfect to go in between the tree and my boxwoods. I like that they’re tall enough that when the boxwoods grow you’ll still be able to see the pretty plumes and if any of the foliage is covered by the boxwoods that won’t bother me because I’m in it for the color anyway. Plus I don’t think they will get wide enough that it should ever effect the tree or look crowded. I wouldn’t mind finding another color to put in between these two which is why I left a space between them.

Then there’s the DAISIES!

Daisies :)
Daisies 🙂
Whenever I look at them all I hear is Meg Ryan’s voice in You’ve Got Mail saying something along the lines of, “Don’t you just love Daisies? Daisies are the friendliest flower.” If Daisies don’t make you smile I don’t know what will. I didn’t think they would do much for the front but actually the bright white really pops off of the mulch and other plants and they show up really well from a distance. They’re still tiny now but when they grow they will be even more easily seen over the boxwoods and will hold their own among the other plants.

This hydrangea was already planted but here it is anyway 🙂

Once this baby grows to its mature size it will be taller than all of the other plants in front of it and will be covered in pretty puffs of color. I need to plant another one directly behind the tree so it becomes a wall of hydrangeas but I haven’t decided if I should buy a large one from a nursery or transplant another one of the baby hydrangea plants that’s in the backyard up here.

I still need to figure out what else I should plant to fill in the other bare spots. I think right up against the house under the window I might plant Holly bushes which I LOVE and think would be really pretty in the winter covered in berries but if you have another idea or any ideas for the rest of the open space let me know 🙂



7 thoughts on “Some Front Yard Perennial Additions!!”

  1. How about a dogwood bush out front beautiful red branches in the winter & the foliage provides food for the birds .
    Another bush that is a beauty in the fall is a ” Burning Bush ” , brilliant red leaves in the fall .

    1. I’ve never heard of a Dogwood Bush. Is it the same thing as my tree just in bush form? Or is it totally different? I do like Burning Bushes. I want to put them in the backyard somewhere. In the front I want something evergreen if possible because all of the other perennials I’ve planted other than the Boxwoods will die out over winter.

  2. The Light Lilac Colored Astilbe is beautiful. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen those before & I used to work at a Botanic Garden. My mom has been looking for something like that. I’ll have to show her. And the daises are adorable. 😀

    1. Thanks 🙂 I didn’t know you worked in a garden! I’ve been trying to find beautiful things to plant in the garden that are not common, or things you see all over the place (daylilies for instance). However, the soil in my area is PURE CLAY and it’s so hard to grow anything. I’ve planted so many things and spent a ridiculus amount of money trying to see what sticks. Hopefully these will work. I just bought 4 giant bags of Peat Moss at Home Depot that I plan to fold into the clay which hopefully will be enough to make one of my new planting spaces actually viable for life. We shall see lol

  3. Looks like a good start. We’ve finally torn out the very overgrown shrubs the previous owners left us, and now we’re working on putting new plants in…

    1. I’m hoping these plants actually survive since they’re in the front yard. Our backyard is having drainage issues so whenever it rains all of my plants get flooded out and consequently alot of wasted money and dead plants. I HAVE to figure something out for the backyard because it’s driving me nuts that nothing lives back there.

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