Quick Living Room Update

I went to Home Goods today to return some shelves I bought for my laundry room that didn’t work out because they were too wide and also because they were damaged when I bought them and I didn’t notice it until I got home. With the money I got for returning the two shelves I bought some new pillows and a beautiful throw for my living room.

If you saw my previous living room post you’ll see that I have some ikat print pillows on the two chairs under my picture window. Those used to be on the couch and since moving them I’ve thought my couch just looked bare. I wanted to get some pale green pillows for Spring/Summer but all of the green pillows they had were too bright for me and I wasn’t sure they would work in my room. So, I defaulted to a brownish gray color that came as a set of two, BONUS (they’re cheaper when they come in pairs) lol. And they’re the super cushy down filling that I love.

I also found a coordinating cable knit throw blanket by Nicole Miller who I adore. She makes the most beautiful home decor items. Even my silverware is Nicole Miller lol. I especially love the colors she chooses. For instance the throw isn’t the typical brown exactly. It has alot of gray in it which I think looks more modern and fresh compared to the browns with alot of yellow in them.




New Taupe Pillows and Knit Throw
New Taupe Pillows and Knit Throw

Try not to stare too intently at the ugly pillows in between the two printed pillows. Those actually go with a couch that my brother in law Leonard used to own and then gave to my husband who used it throughout his bachelor days and up until we moved into this house. He refuses to get rid of them and claims they’re the most comfortable pillows he’s ever laid on. I asked if I could recover them and he said no. So, one of these days I’ll have to sneak them out somehow because they have barely any filling in them and they’re UGLYYYYYYY haha. I think I need some solid pillows next with some pretty trim around the edges. I’ll be on the lookout.


4 thoughts on “Quick Living Room Update”

  1. Love the pillows and throw! Great coordinating colors. I have to ask, where in the world did you get your coffee table ottoman? I’m searching for a large comfy looking one similar to yours!!

    1. It’s from Art Van and went with my couch that I have. If you scroll back a few posts you’ll see what it used to look like. I know they still sell my couch or versions of my couch (other sizes) so they may still have the same ottoman or similar to complete the set. Check it out 🙂

      1. I literally just bought an ottoman today!!! Haha! Snagged it from World Market! I couldn’t hold out any longer! I had to get rid of my HUGE coffee table!!! Thanks for getting back to me!!

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