Front Yard Landscaping–Summer 2014

This is our third summer in our house and we did our front yard landscaping this year!!! I can’t tell you how excited I was to get this project underway. We went with the same landscaping company who did our backyard and just had them do the work we couldn’t or didn’t want to do ourselves.

I came up with the design based on what I wanted the space to function as. I knew I wanted to have a little seating area in the front yard because we plan on having children soon and I wanted to be able to sit out front and watch the kids play or have a drink at night and people watch. My desire to put a small bistro set up front dictated the size of the patio space. We had the landscapers build a seating wall so if we had guests more people could sit along the wall so the front yard wouldn’t be cluttered with lots of chairs. Our neighborhood is full of young families and we’re friends with many of our neighbors. When you sit in the front yard you’re much more likely to stop and chat with many of them walking by and I LOVE that about living in this house.

We decided to go with pavers in the front yard. I just think pavers are so elegant looking and because it was a small space it wasn’t too expensive. I wanted the patio to have a curved design to add some interest to our very straight lined house. It’s hard to tell in the pictures but there’s an accent color paver around the perimeter of the patio and a stripe of the accent color in each of the pillars. The pavers will give off dust for about a year and then after that year we’re allowed to seal it which will give it a wet look. You can see the accent color much better when the bricks are wet. It’s a charcoal gray color and the rest is very similar to our brick color.

We put the planting bed under the window (also with a curved bed design). I had the landscapers put in our tree (a pink flowering Dogwood) because it would be impossible for me to get something that large transported on my own to plant. They also did the boxwood bushes because with their contractor’s discount, the material cost and labor was a much as I would have paid to buy them on my own. The rest of the plants I’m going to put in myself. I like to shop for plants and I didn’t want to feel pressured to pick everything out right that instant and design the front yard so quickly. I’d much rather see a plant I like and put it in as I find things that appeal to me to ensure the placement and the plants are exactly what I want.

Here are the before pictures. Please click on them to view them larger.

They ripped out the old cement walkway and cement stair and replaced the entire section with pavers and a new paver step. The step is very large in comparison to the builder grade cement step that was there originally which will be beautiful in fall stacked with mums or lanterns or even in summer with potted plants. It’s also much safer for children or people who have difficulty with stairs.

Here are the after pictures.

I planted a hydrangea plant behind the boxwoods that my neighbor Jessica gave us. Thanks Jessica! And you may see there’s a super tiny baby hydrangea plant back there also that was originally planted in the backyard but wasn’t doing so hot so I transplanted it up to the front which gets less sun. Hopefully, it will do better up there.

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