Spring/ Summer Foyer Decor

Here is the current decor in my Foyer. I spent very little money to update this space for the new season because we have been spending money on our front yard landscaping and a new patio set for our backyard. So you will notice that most of the things pictured have been there before but dispayed in a slightly different way. Remember, if you’d like to see any pictures larger just click on them.

Home Goods Rug, around $200
Home Goods Rug, around $200

The rug pictured is a couple of months old but I’m just now posting about it. I believe it was around $200 from Home Goods and is 5X7 or 5X8. I can’t exactly remember. I’m not sure if you’re able to tell in the pictures but it has a few colors that make up the dark gray background and the detail work is made up of cream and different shades of taupe. It took me a long time to find a new rug for this space because I was specifically looking for one that contained several colors in it but was still neutral in tone and didn’t have a crazy pattern. You will also notice the guest appearance from Soleil by the door and on the door is a decal that I bought for a $1 from the dollar store. It’s a peel-and-stick vinyl saying that reads, “Love makes a house a home.” Just cheesey enough for my taste lol and jazzes up the door a bit. I’d like to do something for the inside of the door like a wreath but I haven’t gotten around to it.

Next up is my mirrored buffet and collage wall.

Foyer Collage Wall
Foyer Collage Wall

The mirrored buffet I’ve had for about a year and it’s from Art Van. The framed R and two pictures have been there but the “Good Times” sign was just hung on the wall this week from TJ Maxx. I have had it for awhile just sitting on top of the buffet because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hang it vertically or horizontally and I wanted to find some smaller frames to layer in but haven’t found anything that I like. So I decided to just hang it and put it to use finally.

Now, let’s look at the details a bit closer.

Collage Wall,  Buffet Decor
Collage Wall, Buffet Decor
Left Side of Buffet
Left Side of Buffet

On the left side of the buffet are two glass apothecary jars from Home Goods that have been there since Christmas I believe. I had them filled with ornaments and once Christmas was over I started putting all of our wine corks into the smaller one for “any season decor” but I struggled with what to do in the larger one that wasn’t seasonally inspired. I found an idea flipping through a Restoration Hardware magazine and saw they filled one with old scrolls.
*Light Bulb*
“I can do that!” Lol so I took some scrapbook paper that I already had and soaked it in a bath of warm water and old coffee grounds from my husband’s morning brew. I used the contents of one Keurig K-Cup for this and a large mixing bowl

Coffee Ground Bath
Coffee Ground Bath

Here, you can see the before and after.

Before and After the Coffee Bath
Before and After the Coffee Bath
To achieve an aged appearance beyond the color, while the paper was still wet I crumpled it up into a ball and carefully opened it back up. Then, I used my fingernail around the edges to kind of mar them up a bit. Some of the edges tore naturally because the paper was pretty fragile while wet. I smoothed it out so it would dry flat. Once it was dry I just rolled it up and tied some twine from Michael’s in a knot around it to secure the “scroll” and put them in the jar.

After looking at them in the jar for a few days I decided it was a little plain so I added the moss on the bottom. The moss is my “spring time addition.” I had the moss left over from another project so that was also no cost. However you can buy a giant bag of it at Michael’s with a coupon for around $3-$4.

The books were part of my Salvation Army book haul and were 20 cents each. I picked these books because the titles were written in pale gold which matches the rest of the decor and the covers were fabric which I personally think just looks more expensive than something with a paper cover. Don’t laugh at the title of the second book on the left side of the buffet lol. You can read it clearly in the picture but in person you just see the pale shimmer of the champagne letters and can’t really read them unless you bend down and intentionally TRY to read it. To bring in some more green and the Spring Vibe I tied some green ribbon I already had in a bow around the cork filled jar. You can buy this for $1 or less at JoAnn’s or Michael’s stores.

On the right side of the buffet are more old pieces mixed with new.

Right Side of the Buffet
Right Side of the Buffet
The treasure trunk is from Michael’s and I’ve had it for awhile. The tall ceramic cream vase is from Meijer’s kitchen section near the dishes; which I’ve also had. The books are new and I added the spring flowers from Michael’s. The little angel was part of a flower arrangement that was sent to us by a friend for my son’s passing. Thanks Katie and Justin 🙂 I wanted to keep it as a reminder of my son and also because I love angels.

And last, but not least…The corner nook by the stairs. DSC_0610 Nothing has changed here since Christmas other than that I removed the wintery ribbon that I had tied around the tops of these lanterns. The lanterns are from Ikea and were given to me by my Sister-in-law Annie. Thanks Annie! The green candles are from Garden Ridge and the pine cones are from Hobby Lobby. I have thought about removing the pine cones but I didn’t want to put moss in there (the candles are already green and that’s a bit much). And I didn’t want to spend money on another filler at the moment. I may put rocks in there if I find ones with colors I like. If not I’ll have to come up with something else. Now accepting ideas lol. Oh, and the baskets are from Michaels and were on clearance for practically nothing.

So there you have it–my Spring/Summer Foyer 🙂 If you’re a fellow WordPress blogger please subscribe by clicking the blue “Follow Ray of Soleil” button off to the far left in the black column of my blog. For non-bloggers you can follow me and receive updates of any new posts via email by clicking on “Follow Blog Via Email” which is written in white in the black column as well. For all other bloggers other than WordPress please use the green “Follow” button in the far left column.

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