Bath tub project!

Bath tub project!

For 2 years we haven’t been able to take a bath in a BRAND NEW tub because our builder tiled in the controls to adjust the hot water temperature. Our tub is huge and by the time the water was about 6 inches deep it would be just slightly hotter than luke warm.

I attempted to take a bath only twice and froze both times. The baths each lasted about 5 minutes until I couldn’t take it and wanted to warm up lol.

Well, in the process of finishing our basement we met a really nice guy named Jerry. He is putting up our molding for us and doing a few other projects in the basement. He is sort of a jack of all trades and we mentioned to him our tub situation and while we were at work today he came over, popped off 4 tiles (they’re completely in tact), cut open the green board and adjusted the hot water for us!! He just has to get the grout to put the tiles back on but we can finally use our tub now!!!! I’m so excited I can’t even stand it.

The best part is that Jerry lives only about a mile or so down the road from us. Trust me when I tell you that it really pays to know a good handy man or contractor. My husband and I have dealt with some real boneheads and Jerry is always on time, answers his phone and delivers what he promises. I really appreciate his professionalism.

I think tomorrow will be a bath and glass bottle of wine night.



5 thoughts on “Bath tub project!”

  1. Why didn’t the builder fix this problem? I am happy you finally got this fixed; but the builder should have taken care of this!

  2. Hopefully you upgraded your water heater to larger than a 40 gallon tank or you will once again not reach the top of that tub with the enjoyable hot water you desire. Licensed plumber by trade always on the job mentally.

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