Basement Flooring, Crown and Base Molding

I wanted to update you all on the progress of the basement. Now the walls have been primed, the doors hung, the crown molding, base molding and door casings are put in. If you look through some of the pictures and notice the molding just stops it’s because we have cabinets and stone going in certain areas that needs to be installed first. We went with a 4 inch crown and a 5 1/2 inch base molding. The base is an upgrade from what the builder put in the rest of the house. It’s an inch taller and I’m in LOVE with it. We didn’t go with anything thicker than 4 inches for the crown because our ceilings are only between 6’9-7′ tall in the basement and anything larger would have been too big for the space.

The doors are the same style that the builder put in the upstairs. However, we upgraded and bought the solid doors rather than the hollow ones the builder put in in the rest of the house. It was important to me to put solid doors in the basement because we intend to have a playroom, kitchen space, living space and bathroom all in not very much square footage. If someone is using the bathroom, for instance, I thought it would help block the sound of them, eh-hem you know…

The laminate floors are an awesome gray color but they do have brown in them. They’re Mannington Restorations Collection Blake Forest Arcadia in the color “Smoke.” I couldn’t be happier with the way they look. They are extremely durable. We took our keys to the sample and nothing happened. Here is a link to our flooring on Mannington’s Website.

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Flooring, Crown and Base Molding




















2 thoughts on “Basement Flooring, Crown and Base Molding”

  1. My wife and I are torn between the Mannington Arcadia Smoke and Bark colors. I’m a little worried that the Smoke is too dark. Do you have any opinions on it, now having lived with it for a while?

    1. I am in love with my flooring! I will say that it definitely is dark but I still love it and everyone compliments it and thinks it’s wood until we tell them otherwise. It’s mostly gray and it looks like the bark one you’re considering has much more brown in it so it depends what colors you gravitate toward or plan to put in the room. I have tons of cream molding, trim, kitchen cabinets and 2 cream couches sitting on the dark floors so it all works for us really well. We also designed our lighting and used daylight lights (which are bright white rather than regular lights which cast more of a yellow light). So I think the combination of all of that keeps our space bright. I don’t regret the color choice at all. 🙂

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