New Living Room Pillows

I have been struggling with how to decorate around this couch and ottoman for YEARS (probably around 6 actually). My husband bought both pieces before we were together when he lived as a bachelor in his first place “The Condo.” When it comes to my style I would say I prefer more bright airy/monochromatic color spaces or cool tones like blues, whites, grays, purples, creams. Or I go for very glam/girly things like the mirrored/gold buffet in my entry way or anything tufted (drools). I’ve been pushing to buy new furniture for our living room for a very long time and to be honest, we really can’t justify spending money to replace a perfectly good couch and ottoman. Actually, I must admit that the couch is HUGE and both me and my 6’2 husband fit on it together WITH our two dogs. So for years I just decided not to do anything with the living room: Not buy art, chairs, end tables etc. because I didn’t want to buy rustic, warm colored, earthy looking items to appease a style that just isn’t mine. Then, when we DO have the opportunity to get rid of the couch and ottoman I’m going to have all of these items that go with a style I don’t intend to keep!

Anyway, my mother in law gave us the two paintings over the couch which I love and it’s opened a new opportunity to bring in colors that I DO LIKE. So my new plan for this space is to cover as much of the olive green eye-sore as possible with decorative pillows. I need to find some cream pillows I like (working on it). I will probably buy a pretty cream throw when I find one (that’s not knit so my dogs nails won’t destroy it). And I need to reupholster the ottoman STAT.

My husband and I recently ruined the ottoman anyway when we put the vacuum on it to reach the fan blades above and get the dust off of them. The roller thing basically ate through the microfiber fabric which you can see in my pictures from previous posts. So I’m going to go to a fabric store maybe this weekend and see what I can find to recover it. I’m thinking something cream/khaki with possibly a print on it and if I find nailheads those are going on it also. Uuuughhh….nailheads. I’ll keep you posted on that. In the mean time here are the new lighter/brighter pillows I just found at TJ Max. The gray ones were $12.99 each I believe and the “Mr and Mrs” pillow was $16.99. It’s down filled and has sparkle thred running through it *DROOL*. You can click on any of the photos below to see them larger.


So it’s a work in progress but hey…one thing at a time right? Thanks for stopping by!


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