Pier 1 Pictures

We finally hung something up in our living room!! Sound the alarms! Begin the applause!! lol. My husband and I bought my mother in law some canvas prints from our Florida trip last year and she hung them up in her basement. She had these two paintings from Pier 1 hanging above her couch and asked us if we wanted them since she had no use for them anymore. I have been drooling over these in her house for the last couple of years now. I think they’re stunning and I have a really hard time finding art that I like. Hence, my blank walls haha. So when she asked if we wanted them I jumped at the chance. We hung them right away and I think they match our current decor pretty well. I’ll let you be the judge though. Either way, it’s better thank the vast wall of nothing we had before 🙂
Pier 1 paintings
Orange PaintingCream Painting

You can tell these paintings are really pretty in person. They have a gold/metallic sheen to them and I’m not sure if you can tell in the pictures but the paint is actually raised in certain areas and the paint has a pretty gloss to it. They look expensive and definitely make the room feel a little more pulled together.


3 thoughts on “Pier 1 Pictures”

  1. Hello, I am in LOVE with the Pier 1 wall art, especially the cream flower art that is on the right hand side. I have been searching everywhere for that piece and can’t find it. Please let me know if you are in the market to sell it, I will purchase it from you immediately!!!

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