Hadley Sofa from Art Van

Hadley Sofa from Art Van

I bought two of these Hadley Sofa’s from Art Van last Saturday for our basement. I’m going to arrange them in an L shape and put a table in between them. I paid for lifetime stain protection so Art Van will clean them should there be any spills in the future. I originally was looking for something a little more feminine (think tufted back, nailhead detail etc). However, I checked at multiple stores and either the couches were much too big for our space, they came in a color that I didn’t want or they were just plain too expensive for a basement. I paid about $2,000 out the door with taxes, delivery and the stain protection package and overall I am very satisfied with my purchase. The pillows aren’t exactly my favorite pattern but maybe if I’m lucky I can con my mom (who hates to sew) into helping me recover them with something else.
I still have to find a coffee table for the space and I’m looking for something either perfectly round, or perfectly square. They didn’t have anything I liked at Art Van and I’m actually considering taking the ottoman that’s in my living room upstairs (recovering it) and moving it down to that space and getting a new coffee table for the upstairs. My husband and I recently ruined the fabric on it by putting the vacuum on it to reach the fan blades to clean them and the roller in the vacuum literally ate through the fabric so it needs to be recovered regardless lol. We still have to wait until after the first week in January for our cabinets and countertops to be installed in the kitchen so we can’t have my sofas delivered until they’re finished but I’m dying to see them in the space!!!


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