Basement Flooring is Almost Done!!!

By the time I get home tonight my faux wood floor that will make up my storage room and the main living space in my basement should be complete. I’m sooo excited I can hardly stand it! We have been checking in on the progess over the last couple of days but it’s hard to tell what the final result will look like when they’re covered in saw dust. I have to admit that I’m not very happy with the flooring contractors for not setting up shop in the playroom (which has no carpet yet) so that all of the saw dust and debris would be limited to that room and not covering my brand new floors. Ugh. But I am happy to see the basement project moving forward.

Aside from the hard floors, let me update you on everything else. My husband and I have successfully managed to AGREE on the cabinet style, cabinet color, crown moulding, base moulding, doors, carpet color, granite, and paint color for the main living space. THAT, my friends, deserves some applause lol. Here is a picture showing our flooring, wall color and cabinet and trim color.


It’s hard to tell in this picture but the floors have alot of gray in them. They look very brown in the picture but they’re kind of a mix. The granite is called Caledonia but there are a TON of different Caledonia slabs and they vary in color drastically. The slab we chose has alot of blue/gray and a fair amount of sparkle. They had other slabs within the same warehouse that were mostly tan, had smaller chunks and barely any sparkle at all. All of them were the same price. This Caledonia is actually a level one granite (or cheapest) granite you can buy. I think it looks alot like blue pearl though which is alot pricier so I was really happy with it and it matches our wall color/flooring perfectly. Believe it or not we picked the wall color BEFORE picking the granite and it all worked out 🙂

The cabinets won’t be available until after the first of January sometime so we have to wait on that. Still not sure when they plan to install the crown mouldings/doors but I’d like to see if they will do that while we’re waiting on our cabinet order. Something tells me, though, that they’re going to want to do all the moulding at once. And I still have to call my brother’s friend Steve who is going to be putting shelves up in our storage areas. I’ll post pics of the floors soon!!


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