Fall Decor 2013

I haven’t gotten into decorating for fall too much this year because we’ve been very busy working on finishing our basement. However, I thought I’d share with you some of the little things I’ve done to warm up the place.

First up is this centerpiece I made for my kitchen island. I LOOOOOOVE IT. All of the flowers and fillers are from Michael’s. The wood box I bought at TJ Maxx in June and had planned to put a bunch of white hyndrangeas in it but never got around to it. So I decided to go with the fall themed flowers

Floral arrangement I made for fall
Floral arrangement I made for fall

I had an extra sunflower left over so I put it in this vase I got on clearance for a penny! Don’t mind the paint chips on the wall. I’m not sure I like any of them and want to pick up a few more. If you have a vote on which you like best let me know 🙂 The two little candles were free from a baby shower I went to recently. The owl cookie jar is something I’ve had for a year or two and I bought that at Home Goods. I’m obsessed with owls.
Fall Decor

I bought this super cute sign for the wall next to my bay window in the kitchen from TJ Maxx. I think i was around $16 or something. I don’t have hardly anything on my walls because I’m super picky about what I like. But I love this. There is a little burlap bow at the top that I think is absolutely adorable. I had planned to buy some little acorns or coffee beans to put in the vases with the candles but never go around to it. Such is life.

Pumpkin Sign from TJ Maxx
Pumpkin Sign from TJ Maxx

Here is my fall table decor this year. The runner is sort of a gray/green and cream chevron that I had on the table this summer. I bought the place mats, napkins and napkin rings from Bed Bath & Beyond last fall. The owl vase I bought this year on clearance from Michael’s. The flowers in it were also from Michael’s and there’s about three bushes of the pre-made bouquets in there to make up the arrangement.
Fall Table 2013
Owl Vase from Michael's

Here is my updated fireplace/mantle for fall. The black mirror is a few years old from Home Goods. My husband and I had it hanging up on the wall in our dining room of our condo before we moved to this house and since we’ve lived here it’s been covered in dust in the basement. I just dug it out of the dark whole a couple weeks ago and propped it up on the mantle. I think the black frame compliments the black accents in our kitchen. The stick pumpkin is from TJ Maxx and the other two are both from Home Goods.

Fall Mantle 2013
Fall Mantle 2013

In my foyer I just added this burlap runner that I had on my kitchen table last year along with the vase of sunflowers that was the centerpiece on my kitchen table last year. The little green vase was on clearance for a penny and the brown flower was an extra I had from building my kitchen island centerpiece. The little wood/leather trunk was also on clearance for a penny so I added that also.

Fall Buffet Decor
Fall Buffet Decor

Also in my foyer is a neglected corner. I got these two baskets on clearance for a penny and didn’t know what to do with them so I stuck them there for now.
Baskets in Foyer

Last but not least is my front door wreath that I made last year. Everything I used to make the wreath was bought at Michaels.Fall 2013


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