Starting a Collage Wall

I’m in some serious need of some wall art in my house. The only place I have hung ANYTHING on the walls is the laundry room and my half bath. So I was pretty anxious to get my gallery wall started. Here is what it looked like a few hours ago…

And here is what it looks like now! Big improvement if you ask me and I’m just getting started.

The empty gold frame I actually picked out of someone’s garbage. It was covered in dirt, bugs, webs and was half falling apart. I hot glued the corners together and cleaned it up and it matches my mirrored buffet perfectly with the gold accents. It’s still slightly dirty, and definitely looks aged which I kind of like so I left it like that. I bought the other two frames from TJ Maxx and together they were around $18. We decided to put two pictures from our wedding in there. Inside the empty gold frame I plan to put our last initial inside of it and hang it from a piece of ribbon. I have to go to the craft store and find a letter I like still.

Something about hanging pictures on the wall that makes it feel much more home-y.

Here are some close ups of the frames if you want to see the detail more. Over time I will add more pictures and decorations in different finishes and styles for an eclectic look.


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