Craft Room Before and After Paint

So, we have lived in our house for a year and a half and I just recently got around to doing something with my scrapbook room. Up until now it has literally been a catch all storage area for all the things that we didn’t create a place for. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to do something with this room considering I’ve waited probably 15 years to have a room specifically dedicated to all of my projects. And trust me—I ALWAYS have some type of project going on. Therefore, having a place that I can just shut the door on the mess is CRUCIAL to keeping my sanity as well as my OCD husband’s lol.

Here are the before pictures…there was some “dirty” paint color that the builder put on the walls and also on the ceiling. It wasn’t tan, but it wasn’t white…..a dirty white maybe. Muck white? Anyways…

This is me painting the ceiling…disregard my awesome Old Navy PJ pants that I’ve had since middle school (I wish I was kidding about that). The have become my “painting pants.” You can see the difference between the puke color the builder put on the walls/ceiling and the new white that I’m putting on. The color I used for the ceiling is Behr’s “Swiss Coffee.” It’s more of a soft milk color white, rather than a bright white or a ceiling white.

Painting the ceiling with Behr's "Swiss Coffee" white...It's much brighter than the before
Painting the ceiling with Behr’s “Swiss Coffee” white…It’s much brighter than the before

By the way…I bought some canvas drop cloths from a hardware store a few years ago and I have used them for countless painting projects. My mom always buys the really cheap plastic drop cloths and I absolutely HATE the plastic ones. For one, I like to paint barefoot and my feet stick to the plastic. Even though the canvas is more expensive initially, I always know I have them on hand– whereas with the plastic I just toss them after one use. Finally, I like that the canvas kind of soaks the paint in rather than just sitting on top of it. If you spill or splatter the paint on plastic it takes forever to dry and consequently, it is alot easier to step in wet paint during your project.

Another painting tip I have is NOT TO TAPE. That’s right—I said it. DO NOT TAPE. First of all it takes FOREVER and by the time I finish taping I’m no longer motivated to actually paint. On top of it, the tape always “leaks” and paint somehow gets through even if you are meticulous. I much prefer to just paint with the roller everywhere I can and then go in with an angled brush after and do the trim free hand. It’s not as difficult as you may think.

The wall color is Sherwin Williams “Enigma.” It’s a really PRETTY smokey purple. I describe it as “smokey eyeshadow purple.” It’s not a deep color at all. It has a rich base but it’s muted in a way that makes it not only tolerable to be in but I actually LOVE it. I was concerned at first it would be too dark but the gray undertone really makes it liveable and dramatic at the same time. I couldn’t be happier with the color actually. I picked it based on a wall paper sample I found that I plan to buy and add to the CEILING in here after I can afford to put in crown molding. I didn’t want to put wallpaper on the ceiling before crown moulding because if I ever wanted to remove the wallpaper I didn’t want to have to go in with a razor blade and cut it out from underneath the crown. So paint only for now. (boo).

After painting the walls I decided to paint the trim and the doors in the room with the same color I painted on the ceiling only in semi-gloss. The bright white that the trim/doors came in just looked too stark next to the rich paint color. Not to mention it just needed to be painted because it had some dings from the nails used to put it up and all of that. Once I softened it with the Swiss Coffee paint I liked it much better. You may not be able to tell from the pictures but in person I’m very glad I decided to do that.

Here is the finished product!!!


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