Aventures in Gardening: Mon Cheri is Open!!

Finally, after having planted this Mon Cheri rose from Cottage Farms (purchased from QVC) back at the end of May I just got my first bloom on it this morning!! Here it was yesterday partially opened…

Mon Cheri partially opened
Mon Cheri partially opened

And this morning, after buckets and buckets of rain AGAIN she managed to open up. I think the final verdict on her color is basically a super dark fuschia. Not quite red, not quite pink–but somewhere in the middle. I was very happy to see it has TONS of petals and I love the vibrant color. Now, I just have to decide where I’m going to plant it! Here she is in full bloom…

Mon Cheri in full bloom
Mon Cheri in full bloom

I didn’t think Mon Cheri was going to make it. It took probably a month and a half before she even started leafing out or showing ANY sign of growth. It was worth the wait though overall. It may have even made her healthier looking because it didn’t have leaves when all of the fly larva were layed so it’s one of my only rose plants with virtually NO leaf damage at all from pests munching on it.

I just recently planted my Baby’s Breath (ordered from QVC) from Roberta’s growers. It’s looking very spindly and there are no buds on it whatsoever. I’ve never seen baby’s breath planted anywhere so I’m not quite sure what to expect from this. When it was just in the pots the foliage draped over the edges and layed on the ground which was causing the leaves to lay in the wet dirt and was turning them yellow. I think the foliage is supposed to stand upright but maybe it was shocked after being shipped to me and never quite came back?? Anyway, here is what it looks like now…

Baby's Breath
Baby’s Breath

I’m hoping the fact that there’s a thick layer of mulch sort of propping up the weak stems that maybe it will get a little stronger and healthier? I don’t think baby’s breath likes to be watered all that much either. It seems to do better when I don’t water it at all. Of course we’ve had ALOT of rain so that might be the issue.

Then there is my experiment…


This is part of the stem of my “First Prize” rose that broke off in a storm. The entire branch from the “truck” of the rose plant broke away so this WAS about a 3.5 foot long stem. I trimmed it to be around 6-8 inches long and removed all but the first set of leaves. I stuck it in the ground and put a 2 liter bottle (with the top cut off) over it to keep it most. It still is green and hasn’t shriveled up so I’m hoping that in a few weeks I’ll see some roots on it!! I’ve never taken a cutting of anything before so I have no idea if I did it right or not but I’ll let you know how it goes! lol

This is one of my Rose of Sharon bushes we just planted.

Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon

It’s going to start blooming aaaaany time now so I’m really excited to see my yard light up with color. See the buds??

Buds from Rose of Sharon bush
Buds from Rose of Sharon bush


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