Master Bath Paint…Choosing a Color

Here is the master bathroom before the blinds were installed. Check out this fancy-dancy window treatment here. I know, you’re jealous. Try and calm down though because for about $1.99 this gorgeousness can be yours too.


Below you can see the honeycomb shade that I installed and then the process of picking a paint color begins. I’ve learned my lesson with neutrals and have resorted to buying samples of paint now. Picking the right tan/gray/beige or combination of the three is very difficult. So here are the before shots of my bathroom.

If you’re curious what color I chose you’re just going to have to wait. Is the suspense just killing you!? I know, probably not but it’s still fun for me to have a teaser moment. I have a few minor touch ups to do before I post the final product. It’s amazing what a difference paint makes. I LOVE the new color. Buh-Bye boring builder paint!


Coffered Ceiling Install

Our house has undergone quite a bit of change since we purchased it in 2012. Just recently we did a major update to our living room ceiling. This is what it looked like originally…

LivingRoomYou’ll have to forgive the photo quality. The only picture I have was taken with my cell phone. So as you can see it’s just pretty Plain Jane.

We hired a contactor, as we’ve done with numerous projects around our house, and I have to say he was THE best one yet. He, with the help of one other man, measured, cut and installed a complete coffered ceiling and put crown molding up in our entire kitchen all in one day. The guys worked from 8:30am until 6pm until the job was done. We had one piece of molding slip in the kitchen and when I called him he came back out within 20 minutes and fixed it. Now THAT is how contractors should always work. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Here are some in progress shots

This is how our living room looks today.




I’m absolutely in LOVE with this ceiling. It makes such a huge difference. Originally, my husband and I didn’t even consider any homes that didn’t have a two story living room because we liked how spacious and grand they felt but I have to say that since we have had the coffered ceiling put in it has added so much grandeur and character to our home. We recently had a realtor walk through our house to tell us what he thought we could list it for and he said he’s only seen another ceiling similar in one other house that he has listed. We have walked through some new construction houses where builders have installed coffered ceilings but they used drywall and put up some whimpy molding inside of the drywall boxes. Let me tell you it does NOT have the same affect whatsoever. For those interested we have 9 foot tall ceilings in our living room and the molding inside of the boxes is 7 inches thick.

The molding is painted “Mystique” by Valspar.

The inside of the ceiling squares is “Sandy Clay” by Behr.

The wall color is “Toll Booth” by Valspar.


Item details:

Pottery Barn: Floor Lamp, Floral Pillow Cases and Inserts, Urn by Fireplace

Arhaus: Crank Table

Art Van: Couch and Ottoman

Home Goods: Tan decorative pillows, Basket Tray, Mirror

We are about to have more of an update though because on Saturday we have having new furniture being delivered. I’m so excited to get rid of this green couch and ottoman!! So stay tuned!!

Long Time, No Updates…

You may be wondering where I’ve been since November of 2014. Well, let me tell you ALOT has happened in that time. I found out I was pregnant with my  daughter in December of 2014 and had a difficult pregnancy. I was very tired and nauseous and just didn’t have the energy or desire to update on any of my projects. I got a job at a knitting store (for fun) and worked at Pottery Barn Kids (for the discount) for a bit and then our little Ivy Grace joined us in August 2015. I am a stay at home wife/mother at the moment. I do feel ready to get back to work but Ivy refuses to take a bottle so I’m reluctant to leave her for any period of time because I know she’s hungry and doesn’t understand the concept of a bottle lol. Being a new mom has been quite the journey and I still question myself every day. Thank God for google. I don’t know what people did before the internet with newborns.

She is 4.5 months old now and an absolute joy! I couldn’t be more in love. She is smiling like crazy and starting to laugh more.  She is ticklish which is super cute. She spits up so I will wipe under her neck with a wet wipe and she makes the funniest little chuckle when I do it; it’s hysterical. She loves TV, phones, ceiling fans, light fixtures….she’s getting grabby too and keeps trying to take my phone (or just touch the screen which deletes what I’m doing or moves me to a completely different location–super fun. She has found her feet and loves to hang onto her ankles while I’m trying to change her. She thinks her feet are very interesting. She is loving her bouncer activity table and chats a lot.  Oh and tonight she sat up on her own–unsupported!!

Now, I’m feeling much more settled and interested in getting back in the swing of things; including blogging. So….what’s new?

The nursery is almost complete with the exception of some wall décor. I can’t decide what I want which is the problem. I’m debating between printing a giant picture from her newborn photo session or making a wood sign with a quote or lyrics on it that are meaningful to me. As soon as I get around to ironing her curtains (which I already hung because the directions said they would fall out on their own—they didn’t) I will post pictures of it. It’s probably my favorite room in my house actually. It turned out super cute so I’m excited to share it.

Our basement is totally finished (other than the playroom). It has actually become my husband’s music room because he recently purchased a drum set and started playing down there.

My guest room has improved leaps and bounds from the storage facility it used to be. It actually looks like a bedroom now and has plush, cozy bedding. I’m still working on adding a few pieces but it’s a big improvement.

The scrapbook room desk is completed. The room is a disaster with Christmas and my projects I have all over in there but I will get it cleaned up and take some pictures.

Our bedroom is currently under construction with a new bed frame coming on Wednesday and bench. I still have to pick a paint color and probably buy new curtains and all new bedding. It’s hard to get out of the house with a baby who can only stay awake for 1-2 hours before she’s cranky and who refuses to nap on the go. She just likes to scream which is fun. OH BOY!

The master bathroom is currently being painted. My husband is trying to convince me to take the builder mirror down and put stone up. I’m trying to convince him porous stone isn’t a great idea where toothpaste and things can splash and not be wiped…and I can’t decide if I want to stick with silver tones or switch to oil rubbed bronze in there. My gut wants bronze because it would look best with our tile but all of our door handles in the house are brushed nickel and I don’t plan to change them.

Our living room received a MAJOR update with the addition of a coffered ceiling which came out GORGEOUS!!! Still haven’t gotten any new furniture for it but Miss Ivy Grace likes to spit up constantly so that’s probably a good thing.

The kitchen received crown molding. I also put up valances on the windows…I can’t remember if I blogged about that or not but I’ll post pictures of it’s current state.

Last but not least. The backyard got some new rose bushes. A lot of our plants didn’t survive the last winter 😦 that’s always sad. Our weather has been super crazy this year and my mums started growing in December thinking it was spring.  Pictures to come!!


Fall and Thanksgiving Tablescape 2014

This is my Fall/Thanksgiving tablescape this year. I actually had this same table setting out for September (changed to my Halloween one) and now it’s back so I’m posting about it.

Fall Tablescape 2014
Fall Tablescape 2014

So there is my table. Let’s talk about the details! The place mats, bronze napkin rings and matching orange and tan napkins I already had from previous years and all were purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond.The leaf place card holders were FREE! I went to a shower and they were the party favors on the table and thankfully 4 of the ladies left theirs behind so I took them home. I don’t have a full set of 6 though unfortunately but I just leave the chair by the doorwall without one and no one seems to notice. Some of them have a bit of green, yellow or orange. Here is a close up of one of them.

Place Card Holders
Place Card Holders

I know, I know. I need to actually put name cards in them lol. I’ll get around to it. One day. Eventually. Maybe….

So what’s NEW this year?? DSC_0906

These GORGEOUS real carved wood charger plates are new. They were purchased at Pier One this season and they were NOT cheap. However, I’ve been wanting some chargers like this for awhile now and these were AH-MAAZ-ING so I gave in. To save myself some money I only bought 4 of them and opted to do the captains chairs a little different. I also think it’s just fun to change up the captain’s chairs in any case, regardless of cost. The embossed, distressed cream plates are also from Pier One this season. I think they were $9 or $10 a piece and they’re actually on sale now. Figures. I’ve been scouring home discount stores for awhile looking for a cream, textured plate and haven’t found anything so I bought them here. I bought 6 dinner plates (rather than a whole set). I keep wondering if I should go back and get the salad plates though….Decisions, Decisions.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the green wine glasses were a wedding present (from Bed Bath & Beyond) off my registry.


These woven grass place mats I bought awhile ago from Marshall’s Home Goods and I needed something here so I thought these would do. You may l notice I doubled up on my napkins this year. I bought 6 of these mustard yellow printed leaf patterned napkins from Pier One on clearance for a dollar a piece. NICE! I’ve actually never purchased anything at Pier One before this fall’s little shopping bender. I didn’t realize they had such good clearance items. I bought some other items on clearance as well that you may see at some point and I think I will have to go in there more often. DSC_0903

The centerpiece I already had and I made it with flowers from Michael’s, moss, string and the wood box I bought at TJ Maxx.

Then I have this on my kitchen counter. I love my owl cookie jar 🙂DSC_0910

What stores have a sneaky clearance section that you love to find goodies at??

A Little Organization and Decluttering…

I finally got around to really cleaning out the room that will eventually be a nursery. Since we’ve moved in it’s mostly been a storage area for my husband’s things. All of his signed sports memorabilia, guitars, amplifier, pedals, jerseys etc etc. I also had some of my things in there as well. I didn’t take any before or after pictures of that space but we hung alot of his things on the walls in our basement and what was left over either went in the basement or fit into the closet in that room. So there’s only like 2 plastic storage bins of clothes in that room now and some things we got for Luca.

On to the next two rooms (which I do have pictures of). They’re still in progress so I haven’t taken after photos but I wanted to show you where it was before I started. I’ve been building my scrapbook room desk and painting in there so all of my scrapbook room things have been piled up in the guest bedroom. Not only that but I also have all of my gift wrapping supplies in the guest room and some old clothes, purses, my veil from my wedding etc. etc. Basically tons of random stuff that I didn’t know what to do with so it got thrown in there. This is seriously embarrassing to show and my sister in laws who are clean freaks would divorce me if they lived here haha.

So, the silver storage rack was moved into my scrapbook room and all of my scrapbook room things have been moved into that room. I had my old Christmas ornaments and decor from the condo (and my old Christmas color scheme) in here so that all went to the basement. The doggy Santa costumes went to the basement with all of the other doggy costumes. I went through TONS of old memorabilia of mine (old wristbands from events, letters, etc) and threw alot of it away. I’m still working on it but imagine this room with the bed completely cleared and all of the floor space cleared off. The only things left in there are in the closet which I have yet to go through. Yayy!! I’ll probably post pictures of that soon.

Here are the most recent pictures I have taken of the scraproom. It’s actually much further along than these pictures depict but you haven’t seen this stage yet. Here it shows that I have all of the cabinets in place, the support structure built, and the desk top added. I just recently finished painting it but the top looks a little streaky. My friend Rochelle just told me about some self leveling paint that supposedly eliminates the roller marks so I may decide to repaint the desktop just to make it look a little cleaner on the top. For now I’m working on organizing my things in this space. I’ve already filled all of the drawers and set up my computer and printer. I’m trying to figure out how I want to place things. Ideally, most of the desktop will remain clear so I have as much work space as possible. I need to buy some shelves and the gold picture of my grandmother on the floor in my guest room is going to be hung on the wall somewhere in my scrapbook room. So anyway, still lots to do. I also need to buy a wireless router so I can get internet in there.

Scraproom In Progress
Scraproom In Progress

DSC_0866 DSC_0867 DSC_0865

I will do some more organizing in here and then take pictures of where I’m at present day.

Halloween Mantle Decor 2014

I’m IN LOVEEEEEE with my mantle. The pictures don’t do it justice I don’t think. It’s the perfect, sexy, vampire’s lair I was going for with my Halloween style. The best part? Everything was purchased at The Dollar Store or I already had.

Halloween Fireplace Decor
Halloween Fireplace Decor

The deep red vases were purchased at Michael’s on clearance and the flowers I bought years ago when we still lived in our condo from Hobby Lobby. I also have yellow flowers that go with these but decided to omit them because yellow seemed too happy for a vampire’s lair.DSC_0879

I draped several cheesecloth things I bought at The Dollar Store across my mantle. I used gray as the base and layered black ones on top of them.

To layer on top of that I used 2 skeleton garlands in black (also from The Dollar Store.) Here is a close up of the skeletons.DSC_0880

As you can see, the string linking the skeletons is tan. I think before I put this up next year I will color them black with marker or paint them so the string blends in better.

Here is the left side of my mantle.


The only thing that is new is the red candle that I bought at Marshall’s Home Goods this season for around $5. I plan to have it out for the entire fall season. The crows, spider webs and spiders are all from The Dollar Store.

Here is the right side of  my mantle.DSC_0877

The only “new” thing on this side of the mantle are these two AMAZING vintage books. These are not photographing the way they actually look. The light gold color isn’t so bright in person. But the really special thing about these medical books is that they belonged to my grandfather who is no longer with us. They even have his name and address printed on the inner cover and some papers taped inside that appear to be study materials of the human anatomy. AWESOME!!! I love pairing vintage items with new and how special to own ones with family history and meaning? It’s the only thing I have (other than pictures) that belonged to my grandfather so they’ve become very important to me.

Have you incorporated any family heirlooms into your decor?

Halloween Tablescape 2014

This was my first year decorating for Halloween so I wanted it to look festive but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money. Everything you will see on this table was either bought at the dollar store or was something I already had on hand.

Halloween Tablescape 2014
Halloween Tablescape 2014

Let’s talk about the details… To start, the white base tablecloth I already had. I bought three of them online for a 4th of July party we had one year for $10 each. I’ve gotten TONS of use out of them for parties. The black tablecloth on top of it I bought at Michael’s last year for one penny on clearance after the season.

Place Setting
Halloween Place Setting

The silver charger is just plastic and can be purchased at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby very inexpensively. I think you can get them on sale for only 50 cents to a dollar a piece. I however got these for free from my Aunt Jan’s house. The matte black square plate on top of that was a wedding gift off my registry from my mom and they were purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. These were also super inexpensive and I believe they were only a few dollars a piece. The small black and white floral plate is actually china from my wedding registry as well (also from my mother). I already have my grandmother’s delicate and decorative china so I didn’t want to register for more of that. Instead, I opted to choose bone china as it’s more durable than ceramic or stoneware dishes (or so I was told) BUT this is everyday china that can be put in the dishwasher– A MUST!!! This pattern is made by Lenox and is called Moonlit Garden. GORGEOUS. I love my dishes.

The glitter skulls are from The Dollar Store and there is a switch on the bottom to make the eyes light up. The color changes in them to basically every color and they kind of flash like a strobe light. I didn’t have to purchase batteries either so that was a bonus.

DIY Candlestick Holders
DIY Candlestick Holders

The red candles are from The Dollar Store and came in sets of 2. I had always envisioned using clear wine bottles to hold the candles and my original plan was to line the entire table length with them. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to consume enough wine to do that. Five bottles was all I could manage. I know right? I should have tried a little harder. Oh well, I’m going to save them for next year. I thought the candle wax would drip down the sides and make it look like blood but they didn’t drip at all. That must be some newfangled technology-no drip candles. Ugh, first world problems.

The roses used to be alive and were a gorgeous deep red color. You’re going to have to use your imagination there because I don’t have a picture of them alive. I thought about throwing them out but then thought the dead flowers was sort of Halloweenish so I left them lol.

Spider Web Placemats as Table Runner
Spider Web Place Mats as Table Runner

I got these spider web place mats for free from my Aunt Jan. At least I think they’re place mats? They weren’t large enough to use under the silver chargers and still be seen so I thought I would just layer them up and make a table runner out of them. But I also thought about hanging them on the wall in a big collage. I also bought 6 rats from The Dollar store. Three of them are standing and three are on all four legs. I just positioned them between the 6 table settings.

Spider Webs on the Chandelier
Spider Webs on the Chandelier

Finally, I added spider webs to the chandelier (purchased from The Dollar Store). That completes my Halloween tablescape for 2014!! In the future I want to find deep red cut glass goblets (preferably vintage) to add. I’ve seen them before but had no use for them so now I will have to be on the lookout for them when I go antiquing. I also would like to add some napkins and napkin rings so I will be on the lookout for those. Now that the season is over I may be able to find some cheap ones on clearance. TIME TO SHOP!!! I also think my chairs would look really good with black satin chair covers. I know they sell some at Bed Bath and Beyond so that’s something to consider.

Life, Love and Pomeranians